Bangladeshi home health care companies provide 8 to 10 home health care services.
These services are:

  1. Nursing Home Care.
  2. Cancer Patient Care.
  3. Critical Care.
  4. Elderly Care.
  5. Stroke Rehabilitation.
  6. Tracheostomy Care.
  7. Patient Care .
  8. Neurological Care.
  9. ICU Patient Care.

Nursing Home Care.

When we need home care for our loved ones. Then it becomes very difficult to identify what kind of home care they need.

This paragraph will help you to know who is Nursing Home Care? Does it provide services? Who is it for?
Nursing homes are sometimes referred to as residential nursing care.

In addition to providing residential home care, there are qualified nurses and assistants involved in this profession for providing nursing services.

The purpose of Nursing Home Care is to provide support to individuals who need additional support and are struggling significantly with daily life.

A qualified nurse is always present on the site of the nursing home care provider. The aim is to provide the patient with the best quality care and services at all times.

Patients with severe physical disabilities, severe learning disabilities, complex conditions, sensory impairments, cancer, dementia and terminal illnesses need this service.

Cancer Patient Care :

There are many types of cancer treatment. Your type of treatment will depend on the type of cancer you have.Cancer patients need only one treatment after receiving hospital treatment.

That service is palliative care. Palliative care is a special kind of care to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from serious diseases like cancer.

It is a type of care that addresses the patient as a whole, not just his or her disease. The goal of this care is to treat the symptoms as soon as possible and Treating mental problems related to side effects and cancer treatment.

Critical Care.

Critical care is provided to care for patients who have a life-threatening illness and injury.

This care is provided in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital. However, critical care can be taken at home without having to establish an ICU at home.

Here a team of specially trained healthcare providers provides 24-hour care to the patient.Includes the use of advanced quality machines to gradually monitor the patient’s vital signs. Critical care usually provides specialized medical care.

Elderly Care :

The care of the elderly is referred to as senior care.Caring for the elderly is a special level of care.Which is used to meet the needs and requirements of senior citizens of different levels.

Elderly care is a broad subject. These include daily home care, hospice care, social image improvement and nursing care.

Obligation is not a reason to take care of the elderly. This is because of the various diseases of old age which create many physical limitations in the elderly.

However, caring for the elderly is a big problem nowadays, especially for their loved ones.Which makes it difficult for them to carry out their daily activities.These include cleaning, cooking, dressing, shopping, taking medicine, driving, and so on.

In addition to the daily well-being and independence of an elderly person, This care plays a special role in protecting the people around him from trouble.

Stroke Rehabilitation :

Stroke rehabilitation is an important part of the aftermath of a stroke. The main goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help restore the lost function of the part of the brain that is affected by the stroke.

Stroke rehabilitation helps the patient regain independence and improve the patient’s quality of life.The severity of the stroke complication severely affects the patient’s ability to recover.

One study found that those who received stroke rehabilitation services They can take a much better position than before but those who have not received this service are facing many problems in their personal life.

Tracheostomy Care :

Tracheostomy Care is performed to keep the trachea tube clean.This helps in preventing stuck tubes.And helps prevent infection.

This care includes cleaning the tubes and parts of the skin.Show the patient the healthcare provider, how to take care of the trachea tube and what to do in case of emergency?

Patient Care :

Patient care patients are eager to receive information about their health status, treatment options, reasonable options, proposed treatment, and potential non-treatment risks.

Taking care of the patient is the main responsibility of a doctor.They are always responsible for giving the patient the best possible care. In addition to doctors, nurses specialize in caring for patients in hospitals, clinics or at home.

Advanced trained nurses provide patient care. They work to answer patients’ questions and take care of any basic needs.

Neurological Care :

Neurological care is specialist care.This care focuses entirely on the well-being of the patients.So that they can live in good health like a normal human being.

People with nervous conditions often suffer from complex problems.This condition can have serious effects on their mobility, communication, mental health and behavior.

There are different types of care to provide services to neurological patients. Notable among these are long-term residential care, home care,Includes rehabilitation services and vacation services.

ICU Patient Care :

It is an intensive care unit, also known as an intensive care unit. A special division of healthcare providers provides care and medicines in the intensive Care Unit.
ICU services are required:

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