10 Ways Medical Practices Can Improve Health Care Access in Bangladesh.

Healthcare is being developed in Bangladesh.  Instead of medical services of the Enlock era. Advanced digital medical services are now in place. Medical services are reaching the doorsteps of the people at affordable prices. At present, the healthcare market in Bangladesh has made unprecedented progress through meaningful promising development, and innovative delivery. However, despite visible signs of progress in healthcare, there are growing problems in accessing healthcare And it is ongoing. In Bangladesh, low and middle-income patients have to struggle to get affordable medical care. When a person cannot get proper health care. Then it is often impossible for her to get the proper care.

The main problem is that the relationship with the healthcare provider is not formed. And many health services remain unavailable. We will discuss various ways to improve access to healthcare through hospitals in Bangladesh. Before that we will know what are the benefits of health care? And why is dynamic and affordable healthcare so important?

What is health care access?

Access to Health Care means that a patient can easily get much-needed medical care. Our country’s social, economic, and cultural factors affect access to healthcare. Access to medical services in Bangladesh is a multidimensional challenge. Improving one aspect of healthcare delivery is not enough to solve this deep problem.

For example, we can say that access to healthcare for cancer patients will improve immediately. When there will be adequate trained oncologists and nurses with the necessary medical equipment to provide the service. Also in diagnostic testing, improvement of access is only useful if it is complemented by patient education. When it comes to more complex treatments, the level of sophistication required to provide all the care becomes clearer.

How to improve health care access?

With improved and better access to health care, treatment outcomes improve. Here are 10 ways that hospitals in Bangladesh can improve access to Health Care:

  1. Continuity :  The history of the patient is known from every visit from the effective healthcare provider. Through this effective healthcare can be provided to the patient. Lack of consistency leads to treatment errors in the patient. And this lack of continuity is problematic in case of serious illness of the patient.  Access to the patient’s 24-hour health may seem overwhelming. However, it is logical to take care of 1000 known patients out of 500 irregular patients. When patients know that doctors are available to help at any time, they feel reassured.  When patients know that doctors are available to help at any time, they feel reassured. And respects time and is eager to take care.
  2. Quick and easy appointment schedule : Hospitals with quick and easy appointment schedules can play an important role in improving Health Care access. A quick and easy appointment schedule helps the patient get the right service on time. This increases the use of technology and prevents wastage of time. For example, some patients prefer to schedule appointments quickly via email or online. Paper hassle can be avoided by using appointment-scheduling software. And when the patient can be informed through serial SMS.
  3. Trying to see the patient quickly : Doctors take much less time to see patients in government hospitals in Bangladesh. One of the reasons is the high number of patients. Patients need to be given the time they need to improve access to healthcare in Bangladesh’s hospitals.If necessary, the number of hospital providers should be increased.
  4. Managing appointments : Excessive appointments during the day can result in quality services being disrupted. Due to the strictness of the patient’s visit schedule, access to good and quality healthcare for the patient is hampered. The best and most effective way to manage an appointment is to take care of the needs of regular patients.
  5. Use of email to answer patients’ questions : Access to healthcare is enhanced by using email to answer patients’ questions. Patients can use email to provide test results. When testing is not required.  Instead of coming to the office for regular patient follow-up, patients can send various reports via email.
  6. Transportation System : Many elderly people in Bangladesh cannot go far for treatment. This can have a profound effect on their health. Proper transportation is required for these seniors. Through which they can take appropriate treatment from far and wide at ease. Through the right transportation system at the right time. They will be able to go directly to the service center from their home.
  7. Mobile Clinic Services : Use mobile clinic services to provide medical services to the patient. Mobile clinic services can provide equally quality services in both urban and rural areas. This service provides preventive and first aid services equipped with all necessary equipment from buses, trucks and vans. At present the demand for mobile clinic services in our country is increasing rapidly.
  8. Development of community clinic system : At present there are 13,881 government clinics in Bangladesh. This community clinic is playing the most effective role in bringing healthcare to the doorsteps of the people. Emphasis needs to be placed on improving community clinics to improve hospital healthcare access. If it is possible to provide first aid in the right way, there will be no extra pressure on the district and upazila level hospitals. This will enable the hospitals to provide proper and quality services to the patients.Which can improve hospital Health Care access.
  9. Increase in ICU services : The number of ICU units in hospitals is less than the demand. Which prevents patients from getting proper and adequate services. And wastes time and increased medical costs. There are only 1,169 public and private ICU beds. Of these, 432 are in government hospitals (322 in Dhaka, 110 outside Dhaka) and 736 in private hospitals (494 in Dhaka metropolis, 267 in Dhaka district and 243 in other districts).  The number of ICU units is much less than the demand. A team of specialist physicians believes that increasing the number of ICU units is critical to improving hospital healthcare access.
  10. Air ambulance service :  Advanced air ambulance services are needed to transport patients from one end of the country to the other very quickly.But at present this service is not commonly available in Bangladesh. Air ambulance services can make unimaginable improvements in improving hospital healthcare access. This helps ensure timely hospital Health Care access to appropriate services.

Here are 10 ways to improve hospital health care access in Bangladesh. But there are other ways we can improve our access to healthcare in Bangladesh. We are government, non-governmental organizations, civil society,
I appeal to the prominent civil society to think like that. Work on every issue and bring unimaginable change in the healthcare sector of the country.

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